“When I was a kid I had this recurring nightmare of me running through a giant rotting house covered in moss & everything around was tinted the color green & every time I turned a corner I’d start at the back again with the thing that was chasing me always right behind me.”
 "I see the green lights outside of our sliding glass door...My grandpa is outside looking up at the sky, just standing there...and there's a huge UFO above us. My grandpa starts floating up into the air...I run back inside to find my grandma.  I see her there sitting on their water bed, with a pile of different sliced lunch meats. She doesn't even look up at me, because she is too busy sorting the meats by type. She says each type as she puts it into it's own segregated stack. 'Bologna, Ham, Salami, Salami, Bologna.'  'Grandma! Aliens took grandpa!,' I scream. She slowly lifts her head, throwing down the rest of her meat. She has a very pissed off look on her face...I guess the meat was pretty important to her. She says in a terrifying voice that couldn't possibly be coming from a human, 'And we'll be coming back to get you!'"
 "The door would open to a bright light, and immediately a line of drone like beings would enter heading straight for me...floating upside down with a skinny, elongated torso, one leg, no arms, and no mouth...I tried to run past them, but more always charged forward. I would always wake up screaming..."
 "Ever since I was a kid, I’d have a consistent dream of being sucked into the bathroom by an unknown force. I was super scared of Bloody Mary as a kid, so maybe that fear started the nightmare."
 "The tiger starts to attack and devour my sister, as we stand and watch horrified. Then my mom screams at my sister 'close your eyes!,' so she doesn’t watch herself being devoured."
 "It's my first day at a new office and everything is going well; my new boss is introducing me to my friendly new coworkers. They're excited to have me there and we're touring the building when I notice that some of my coworkers have these strange furry brown boots on, like Uggs but...narrower. My boss and I are having lunch in the break room and I notice more and more people with the furry boots, some of them weren't wearing them earlier, and a few even have furry gloves on too. I ask someone, 'So, what's up with those boots? They look comfy...' and he says, 'Oh, you didn't know? Tonight's a full moon.'  As he says it, I feel every pair of eyes in the room turn to stare at me. I break into a cold sweat, I feel frozen to the chair. My coworkers's bodies start to shift and grow, long hair emerges on their necks and arms, their faces stretch into muzzles, their shirts start to tear and they lurch toward me so I push the table over, grab my purse and sprint for the exit. Like any pack of predators, they race after their prey and I tear ass across the parking lot and weave into the neighboring park. Unfortunately they're so much faster and quickly back me up against a tree. I'm still alive as they descend and start pulling my guts out onto the ground."
 "I find myself face-to-face with a Lovecraftian demon. Its body is short and squat with arms twice as long as I am tall. It grabs me by the ankles with its razor-like fingers and lifts me into the air. As it lifts me up, its neck extends and It looks at me with one large yellow eye. The monster’s eye opens to reveal rows of gnashing teeth and a serpentine tongue that flicks at my face. The scariest part of the dream isn’t that this monster tries to eat me, but rather tries to flush me down the toilet and as it holds me over the toilet I can see thousands more of these monsters gnashing their teeth and licking their eyes, eagerly awaiting their child feast."
 "There was this creature that lived in the darkest parts of my room, but it preferred my closet and it would terrorize me every night as it came closer and closer to my bed. By the age of 10 [it] stopped; when I had kids it came back for them till they were 10yrs old."
 "There are bookshelves spanning an impossibly infinite space...I'm confronted by an ancient, grotesque vampire in a claustrophobic aisle...  The vampire is smiling at me menacingly, his fangs protruding and beckoning me with their sharp points. I can't quite clearly recall his face, but it was not so simple and clean like Bela Lugosi's iconic representation of Dracula. It was an almost misshapen face, with something like boils or cracked, dry, gray skin the most prevalent features.  ...he pulled out a large, clear bowl and presented it to me with one arm outstretched. The bowl was full of worms, alive and wriggling disgustingly. He wanted me to eat the worms - the entire bowl."
 “I have dreams where I'm standing over the kitchen trash barrel vomiting up thousands of teeth. They're not falling out of my mouth, they're coming up from my stomach. The trash overflows with molars; they spill onto the floor and hit my bare feet. I just keep vomiting and vomiting up teeth.”
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